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I have been a professional portrait artist for 30 years and have several hundred happy and satisfied owners of my paintings. I see the beauty in the ordinary and capture it in an extraordinary way, preserving the precious moments of your life forever.

The following is my price schedule with some explanation of how I paint a portrait in oils on canvas or board. I require half of the total amount at the beginning, on the day I photograph the subject.  The second half is due on completion of the commission, before I deliver the finished portrait.  I charge by size of canvas and by how many people (or pet animals) are included.

 For one person in the oil painting: 

24 x 36 = $4,00048 x 48 = $5,950
36 x 36 = $4,65048 x 60 = $6,600
36 x 48 = $5,300 60 x 60 = $7,350

I can work in larger sizes as well.  For each additional person or pet, add $2,200 to the cost of the canvas size you want.  Those sizes are flexible; I can work in any size you wish; but $4,000 is my minimum charge. This price includes one photographic sitting as described below.

If you want a current pose, unless you have a favorite photo already, I will come to your home or office and take many photos (80-100) from which we may choose.  If a group (such as your entire family) is involved, I can sometimes take the best photo of each and combine them, depending on the composition.  Sticking one head on a different body position gets really impossible; I prefer to use one intact photo for each person as my guideline.  If you aren't satisfied with the photos, I will photograph retakes for an additional $400.

I very much enjoy painting from an old special photo, evoking a precious earlier time in your life, or the life of your loved one--a memory you want to cherish forever.  If you do already have a favorite photo, I can alter the background for you, for a more pleasing or personal background.

My photos are in color, but I choose to have greater latitude in my expressive choice of colors as I paint.  I enjoy using the colors in your room or garden as my inspiration.  I also like to incorporate a background meaningful to you into the painting; and I will gladly include your yard, living room, office, etc. as background elements in my composition.  Or, the background can be a traditional dark or muted solid color.

Light and color are two of her loves.  Diana enjoys having a light source create feelings of sun & shadow  in the painting if possible.  And her color is rich and luxurious, whether a monochromatic or bright palette is selected with the client.

Diana's goal is to create psychological works of art in her portraits, beautiful compositions of color and design which will be treasured hundreds of years later for the feeling and expression they evoke.  Diana imbues her images with lasting rather than transient qualities of life, even when her portraits "catch the moment" of a spontaneous gesture and action.

Some conceptual factors for you to consider and decide before we meet include: 

     indoor or outdoor setting, or traditional muted or dark solid color 
     subjects looking at the viewer or not 
     subjects smiling or more candid, less posed facial expressions 
     formal or informal mood and feeling 
     formal or informal composition 
     formal or casual clothing 
     formal or casual, candid poses.
     palette of colors to be monochromatic or bright hues

I require 2-6 months to complete the painting, once we have a great photograph.  I will listen to your ideas, but I require the final word on photo selection and the completeness of the painting.  Your commissioned portrait is an interpretation by one artist--my individualized expression of your beauty and personality, as I interpret it.  I can travel to any location.  Airfare, rental car, & hotel expenses are an additional cost. They will include 2 trips, one at the beginning for the photography, and one for delivery of the finished portrait.  I can touch up the painting for 15 minutes, when I deliver it.

Write or email me if you would like to discuss the possibility of our working together on this creative project. which your family will continue to cherish as time passes.  My email address is:

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