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file1_feb2002.jpg (614201 bytes)

Portrait of Chris and Susannah Parker in Nantucket. 
Private collection, Atlanta.

file2_feb2002.jpg (340032 bytes)

Portrait of Yak Gertmenian 15" x 20".
Private Collection, Monrovia, California.

file3_feb2002.jpg (568809 bytes)

Portrait of Courtney Jones, 24" x 36".
Private Collection, Houston, Texas.

file4_feb2002.jpg (342725 bytes)

Portrait of Jeanne Marosis, 30" x 36".
Private Collection, Houston, Texas.

file4a_feb2002.jpg (455745 bytes)

Jeanne Marosis, detail.

file5_feb2002.jpg (237721 bytes)

Portrait of Paul Orfalea, 36" x 48".
Kinko's Corporation, Ventura, California.

file7_feb2002.jpg (482610 bytes)

Portrait of Pete Seale's sons, 36" x 42". 
Private Collection, Houston, Texas.

file8_feb2002.jpg (196377 bytes)

Happy Vacation in Ireland, 36" x 48".
Private Collection, Houston, Texas.

file9_feb2002.jpg (408511 bytes)

The Levering Ladies, 24" x 36". 
Private Collection, Houston, Texas.

file10_feb2002.jpg (578145 bytes)

The loved ones, 20" x 30". 
Collection of the Artist.

photo24a.jpg (67418 bytes)

tennis player.jpg (571282 bytes)

photo1.jpg (585748 bytes)

Portrait of Chris Evert, Dennis Ralston, Steve Mahood and Max Williams. 

Detail of Chris and Dennis Ralston. 48" x 72", collection of Mr. and Mrs. Max Williams, Dallas, Texas.

photo2.jpg (635915 bytes)

Detail of Chris Evert

photo3.jpg (44073 bytes)

Light from the Hallway. 24" x 36", collection of the artist.

photo5.jpg (293019 bytes)

Portrait of Ann Thompson. 36" x 48". Houston, Texas.

photo5a.jpg (187682 bytes)

Cindy Grinstead Craft, detail. Grinstead collection.

photo4.jpg (124441 bytes)

Portrait of Carter Grinstead III M.D., Cindy Grinstead Craft,  
Linda Grinstead and Carter Grinstead Jr. 44" x 56". 
Collection  of Mr. and Mrs. Carter Grinstead Jr., Houston, Texas.

photo6a.jpg (162431 bytes)

Linda and Carter Grinstead, detail.

photo17a.jpg (181527 bytes)

Vince Means, detail. 
Collection of Vince and Peggy Means,  Houston, Texas.

wpe97733.jpg (43096 bytes)

Portrait of Vince Means at Destin, Florida. 36" x 36". 
Collection  of Mr.and Mrs.Vince Means, Houston, Texas.

photo7.jpg (742938 bytes)

Portrait of the Bennett Children. 38" x 44". 
Collection of Michael and Janet Bennett, Houston, Texas.

photo8.jpg (29746 bytes)

Portrait of Lynne and her German Shepherd 24" x 36". 
Collection of Lynne Czarneski.

wpe51246.jpg (146369 bytes)

Portrait of an Indian Woman. 24" x 36". 
Collection of Emil Farr, Houston, Texas.

photo10.jpg (690196 bytes)

Mary's Grandsons. 24" x 36". 
Collection of Mary Steele, Champions Forest, Texas.

photo11.jpg (36217 bytes)

Bradford Von Syring at his Birthday Party. 24" x 36". 
Collection of Leland Von Syring and Teri Von Syring, 
Houston, Texas.

photo12.jpg (40757 bytes)

Portrait of Chris and Ash Parker. 20" x 30". 
Collection of the artist.

wpe79107.jpg (148394 bytes)

Portrait of John Burke, Dusty Burke and Anne Burke in the Pennsylvania Countryside, 48" x 72". 
Collection of Dusty Burke, Austin, Texas.

photo2a.jpg (35967 bytes)

Portrait of Jack Nicklaus making the impossible shot, 60" x 84".  
Collection of Lochinvar Golf Club, Houston, Texas.

detail2a.jpg (93173 bytes)

Portrait of Jack Nicklaus, detail. 

photo7a.jpg (63418 bytes)

Portrait of Chris and Ash with 5 Kittens, 40" x 40". 
Collection of the artist.

photo8a.jpg (88802 bytes)

Portrait of Women at Lunch VIII, 24" x 36".
Collection of Ken and Yvonne Schick.

photo9b.jpg (80824 bytes)

Portrait of Women at Lunch VI, 24" x 36". 
Collection of Mary Hilliard.

photo10b.jpg (121270 bytes)

Portrait of Nancy White, Ph.D., 24" x 36". 
Collection of Dr. Nancy White, Houston, Texas.

photo11a.jpg (54160 bytes)

Portrait of Max Williams and Dennis Ralston playing doubles in  his indoor tennis court, 72" x 72". 
Collection of Max Williams, Dallas, Texas.

photo12a.jpg (160601 bytes)

Detail of Max hitting a high backhand volley. 
Collection of Max Williams. 

photo13a.jpg (116447 bytes)

Magical Moments of Childhood. Lucy and Cory, 36" x 36". 
Private Collection, Houston, Texas.

photo14a.jpg (86431 bytes)

Portrait of Lucy, Cory and Delby, 36" x 48". 
Private Collection, Houston, Texas.

photo15a.jpg (59597 bytes)

Portrait of Buntin Moore, 36" x 48". 
Collection of Buntin Moore, Nashville, Tennessee. 

photo16a.jpg (83317 bytes)

Portrait of Chris at Montessori, 24" x 36". 
Collection of the artist.

photo18a.jpg (72688 bytes)

Portrait of Cherie Ray and her Mother Nancy, 36" x 36". 
Collection of Cherie Ray, Houston, Texas.

photo19a.jpg (95983 bytes)

Portrait of Cindy and Carter with their Father, 36" x 48". 
Collection of Linda and Carter Grinstead, Houston, Texas.

photo21a.jpg (60068 bytes)

Portrait of Craig Stevens, 24" x 36". 
Collection of Craig Stevens, Houston, Texas.

photo23a.jpg (63802 bytes)

My Ideal Childhood, 30" x 30". Collection of the artist.

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